Tenth network meeting – 22 March 2017

Agenda and forward planner

10th network meeting agenda – 22 March 2017


Science tour of Highlands

Thank you to Vanessa and Saima (and, of course, all the teachers at Highlands that we observed) for hosting the session.

Working scientifically grids

We agreed that it was helpful to continue developing the working scientifically grids as a shared resource for schools. The aim is that these would form a useful planning tool for teachers by bringing together the following in a single document:
– the working scientifically skills set out in the National Curriculum
– the explanations of what these skills mean in the context of the five enquiry types (Liz’s commentary)
– questions and activities which would enable children to demonstrate those skills (this is the part we need to develop – i.e. the bit which really helps with the planning!)

I’ve reattached the grids, both with Liz’s explanations and in blank form, for your convenience. Please could you complete and send me your grids (complete for at least one year group) before the next network meeting at Gearies on 17th May.

Working scientifically LL 2016 V3

Working scientifically LL 2016 V3 blank

In the meantime you may wish to consider running a science moderation session in your own school. We discussed the issues that this could help address, such as identifying where evidence needed to be strengthened, gaps in the working scientifically skills and establishing what constituted working at greater depth.

Future of network
I do not intend to lead the science network next year, but there was a feeling that it would be good for the network to continue meeting – not least given there was no other network of science subject leaders in Redbridge. Vanessa kindly said she would be willing to take on the leadership, but I’m aware that not everyone was present today and this could be a shared responsibility. Please let me know if you are interested and we will return to this at the next meeting.

Date of June meeting
We discussed the possibility of moving the June meeting from 21st to 19th June. Please let me know whether you have a preference for the 19th or 21st by the end of term and I’ll pick the date with the most support. I’ll assume you don’t have a preference if you don’t respond.

Enthuse Partnership Celebration Event
Finally, there is the opportunity for you to go to the National STEM Learning Centre in York on Tuesday 27th June 2017. I appreciate I might have undersold this at the meeting, so here’s a bit more of a fanfare. This is a wonderful opportunity to network with other partnerships, find out about best practice from them, share your own experiences, receive some high quality input (there’s normally an excellent science enquiry session) and visit the nerve centre of STEM education. Yes, and you can have all this absolutely free of charge – including your travel costs and a delicious lunch. Unmissable! But, hurry, I only have two places available and they will be gone by the end of term. It’s first come, first served so don’t miss out on this unbeatable professional development opportunity. Invest in yourself!