Seventh network meeting – 12th October 2016


A few reminders and actions from the meeting:

  • Powerpoint from the meeting:


– The Fibonacci self-reflection tool we discussed during the item on professional development is at pages 41-43 of the document below.  Also attached is ‘Inquiry in Science Education’ document from the Fibonacci project.



– We agreed that everyone would think of the key outcomes that they want for their own schools in developing science enquiry this year and how this will be delivered. A possible action plan for delivering these outcomes is attached below, but schools may well have their own templates.

– We discussed various outcomes for the network as a whole, including looking at progression. One desired outcome was developing Liz’s very helpful template which maps enquiry skills and types for different phases. As a whole network, we agreed it would be a very powerful resource to populate the template with investigations and activities which would help develop enquiry skills for each enquiry type. The template is attached below so that you can start to fill in relevant boxes for your own school.



– Thanks to Vanessa and Saima who have already offered to co-present at the Barking and Dagenham Science Conference on 11th November. Darren and Clare were also potentially interested. Please let me know by 4th November if you would like to share the work you have done in science at the conference (great evidence for any PSQM applications!)

– To continue to receive Enthuse Partnership funding, I will need the following information by 20th November:
– a list of science CPD in your school so far this year
– at least two CPD evaluation forms and action plans (see below D2 and D3)
You also need to track data for at least one class. Where possible, this should be the same class that you started tracking last year.

form-d3-participant-evaluation-form form-d2-action-plan

– We agreed the following dates and venues for the year:

30 November – Cranbrook or Snaresbrook (Rehana – you have first refusal on this date; if you would prefer not to host, then Clare will do)
25 January – Redbridge
22 March – Highlands
17 May – Gearies
21 June – Eastbury