Ninth network meeting – 25 January 2017

Agenda from meeting:

9th network meeting agenda – 25 January 2017

Powerpoint from the meeting:

Ninth network meeting – powerpoint

Action Points

A reminder of the key actions from the meeting:

  • Please complete the pupil data spreadsheet (below) with the data from at least one class from your school by 20th February. If you are ‘following’ the same class as last year, then please cut and paste that data for last year for columns A to E, G to K and S to X, and then complete the new columns L and M. If it’s a new class then you need to complete columns A, B, D, G, L, M and S to X. I know that sounds complicated, but if you look at the spreadsheet I hope that makes sense! Please don’t amend the format of the spreadsheet because that makes it very difficult to do a combined analysis.
  • Please complete the CPD sheet for any CPD undertaken this term by 20th February and, as with the pupil data, email to me. There’s a recording spreadsheet below: you just need to complete the overall hours and how many people were involved.
  • At the next meeting on 22nd March at Highlands, we agreed to have a moderation session. Please could you bring along 2 or 3 examples of children who you have assessed as being – + and =, together with the evidence on which you base this assessment.
  • We also review the working scientifically grids at this meeting so please could you bring at least one example from a year group of your choice.

Thank you!

CPD data recording sheet

CPD spring term record

Pupil data recording sheet

Year 2 pupil data template

Implementing successful change


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