“How can we develop children’s critical and creative thinking skills?”



A review of literature relating to the most effective early years practice by Rogers (2014) outlines these key messages:

  • Effective learners construct knowledge and understanding
  • Effective learning is socially and culturally mediated
  • An effective pedagogy is an affective pedagogy

While there exists a limited range of literature relating specifically to critical and creative thinking in the early years, links to other sources and reviews of the most effective early years pedagogies clearly justify why this is an important area to study.

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Our Network is currently developing an in depth piece of action research which explores the question

If we, as a network, are to successfully conduct this piece of research and embed its positive impacts into our settings sustainable daily practice, we must first examine how we need to perform as leaders. To do this we must understand what is meant by effective leadership competencies, skills and behaviours, understand the meaning of transactional and transformational leadership, become familiar with the phases of school improvement leadership and create action plans which take into account the barriers and drivers we may encounter.

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