Sharing Meeting: Curriculum Design

2:00 to 4:00pm on Wednesday 6th March 2019 at Redbridge Primary school (IG4 5HW)

In 2018, Ofsted announced it would be including a focus on curriculum design in its new inspection schedule. When complete, this will come into effect from September 2019. Since then, many schools have been reviewing their curriculum content, considering its appropriateness for the needs of its community and taking steps to re-design aspects in order to have a greater skills or knowledge focus.

The aim of this sharing meeting is to review the progress each school has made towards designing its own curriculum, and to inspire and share ideas about strategy and content. This is a non-judgemental process of sharing and review, with schools who are at different steps in their learning journey.

Schools are invited to send either a representative or team of colleagues to this meeting. If teams are booked, we will be able to expand the focus into looking at different areas of the school curriculum.


  1. The background to curriculum design in response to Ofsted’s coming focus
  2. Aims of the session
  3. Group discussions – participating schools to split into four groups (Early Years, English, Maths and Foundation subjects) to share the self-review of their focus curriculum area, any medium term planning for review and design, including action plans and methodology, and any drafted statements or content.
  4. Sharing reflections – feedback from each of the groups
  5. Action planning – discussion on implications for this year within own schools

Preparation: Each participating school needs to prepare by collecting together any review or action plan they may be working on, and drafted statements or revisions to their curriculum. We aim to share documentation together and learn from each other’s learning journey.

Booking a place:

There is no cost for attending this event. To book places for your school, please email Stella Kalaidzi (Teaching Alliance Administrator) at or telephone 020 8550 1803, giving name of delegates, school and email addresses.