Year One Network

Aims of the Network:

  • To raise the attainment of children in year one classes
  • To improve the quality of teacher knowledge, skills and understanding in year one
  • To evaluate the outcomes of practice in year one classrooms, related to pupil learning
  • To review notions of best practice

Network Leader:

Toby Hardy – Learning leader/Year One teacher at Highlands Primary School

Joining the Network:

Teachers in year one classes are invited to join this network. To do so, please contact Stella Kalaidzi (Teaching Alliance Administrator), or 85501803, giving name, school, e-mail address.

Deadline for applications: Friday 28th September 2018

Network focus:

Over the course of the school year, the members of the network will work collaboratively to look at the variety of practice in our classrooms. We will look at what is understood to be best practice, visit different schools and view settings and practice.  We will be tracking the teaching and learning in the member schools, compare the impacts of our work and evaluate the relationship between methods and pupil attainment; what outcomes match the practices employed in our schools?  The aim is to enable schools to make informed choices about the best teaching to promote, in order to achieve the highest pupil outcomes.

We will be focusing on areas of teaching and learning that make a difference to outcomes. The focus for the coming year will be agreed at the first meeting.  Input on best practice and subject knowledge connected to the research focus will be negotiated during the year at future meetings from leading practitioners from the Teaching Alliance and beyond.

Meeting dates:

  • Wednesday 3rd October 2018 @ Highlands Primary School from  9:00am to 12:00pm
  • Wednesday 28th November 2018 @ Gearies Primary School from 9:15am to 12:00pm
  • Wednesday 30th January 2019 @ tbc
  • Wednesday 20th March 2019 @ tbc
  • Wednesday 8th May 2019 @ tbc
  • Wednesday 26th June 2019 @ tbc

Network costs:

There is no charge for membership of this network.