NQT Networks

Aims of the Networks:

  • To provide a tailor-made CPD programme to support NQTs throughout their first teaching year
  • To create a group of reflective and evaluative practitioners who implement CPD into their everyday practice
  • To give NQTs the opportunity to observe practice amongst the participating school

Programme Leaders:

Network 1: Jennifer Owen – Specialist Leader of Education at Highlands Primary school

Network 2: Jade Hopeton – Teacher mentor at Mayespark Primary school

Joining the Network:

NQTs are invited to join this network. To do so, please contact Stella Kalaidzi (Teaching Alliance Administrator) stella@ghpta.co.uk, or 020 8550 1803, giving name, school, email address.

Network focus:

We are providing two parallel networks that will run on different days. For schools that have many NQTs in a cohort, this will enable them to send all NQTs to a meeting if desired.

Any school may join this Network; the focus of training is negotiated by the member NQTs in response to their identified needs. Recommendations are: The partnership with parents, Report writing, The REP “Framework for teaching”, Behaviour for learning, Meeting the needs of SEND and EAL children, An introduction to the resources on LGfL, and Effective feedback and marking.

Each session consists of a visit to a local school to observe good practice. Sessions begin with an introduction to the school by a Senior Leader. Then NQTs will observe a lesson in that school in the same year group that they are currently teaching in. The meeting is then completed with a dedicated CPD session on a theme that the group has requested in advance. The Teaching School Alliance schools will deliver this training.

Between each session the NQTs are required to reflect on how they have put this practice into the classroom and will feedback at the beginning of the next of session. At the end of this academic year there will be a celebration event which will allow the NQTs to share their learning journey with invited guests. The network gives NQTs the support from each other as well as the guidance and the experience from the schools who are contributing to each of the sessions throughout the year.

Meeting dates:

Tuesday 25th September 2018 at Highlands Primary School from 1.30pm – 4.30pm


Tuesday 9th October 2018 at Mayespark Primary School from 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Dates and venues for the meetings in each coming half term to be agreed at the above meetings.

 Network costs:

No charge – Free to take part

Highlands - teacher with kids moving hands