Early Career Teacher Network – NQT – Year One

Aims of the Networks:

  • To provide a tailor-made CPD programme to support Early Career Teachers throughout their first years in teaching
  • To create a group of reflective and evaluative professionals who implement CPD into как долго не кончать their everyday practice
  • To offer training in elements of the DfE’s Early Career Framework to support effective teaching

Programme Leaders:

Network 1: Erica O’Driscoll

Joining the Network:

NQTs are invited to join this network.  To do so, please contact Stella Kalaidzi (Teaching Alliance Administrator) stella@ghpta.co.uk, or 020 8550 1803, giving name, school, email address.

Network focus:

We are providing two parallel networks that will run on different days.  For schools that have many NQTs in a cohort, this will enable them to send all NQTs to a meeting if desired.

Any school may join this Network; the focus of training for the planned sessions: working memory, metacognition strategies, differentiation and inclusion, resilience and self-regulation, liaison with parents.

Sessions begin with an introduction to the school by a Senior Leader.  The meeting is then completed with a dedicated CPD session on one of the focus themes.  Colleagues from the Teaching School Alliance schools will deliver this training.

Between each session the NQTs are required to reflect on how they have put this practice into the classroom and will feedback at the beginning of the next of session. At the end of this academic year there will be a celebration event which will allow the NQTs to share their learning journey with invited guests.

Meeting dates:

Meetings will be held once each half term between 1.30pm and 3.30pm at participating schools.
Dates: Thursday 10th October 2019, Thursday 5th December 2019, Thursday 6th February 2020, Thursday 19th March 2020, Thursday 18th June 2020.

Network costs:

No charge – Free to take part