National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership

NPQSL – Leading across a school

Those who are, or are aspiring to become, a senior leader with cross-school responsibilities e.g. an experienced middle leader, a deputy head teacher, an assistant head teacher, or other senior staff e.g. a Director of a Teaching School Alliance (TSA).

This programme is suitable for leaders from nursery, primary, secondary and special schools.

Curriculum Framework

The curriculum framework is built around six content areas and seven leadership behaviours, all of which are common to each level of NPQ, enabling leaders to develop the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience progressively through the levels:

The six content areas set out what a leader should know or be able to do:

·  Managing Resources and Risks ·  Teaching and Curriculum Excellence
·  Strategy and Improvement ·  Leading with Impact
·  Working in Partnership ·  Increasing Capability

The seven leadership behaviours focus on how the best leaders operate:

·  Commitment ·  Collaboration ·  Resilience
·  Personal Drive ·  Awareness ·  Respect
·  Integrity

Why choose us?

Leadership CoLab is an established national partnership between the UCL Institute of Education (IOE) and a national network of good and outstanding schools. We are accredited by the DfE as a national provider of the new gold-standard NPQs, and are working with our school partners to design and deliver qualifications that have a real impact.

We currently work with over 85 school cluster groups across the country, with an ever-increasing scope. This means our participants have a real choice of where to work.

NPQSL – Leading across a school

In addition to the 5 face-to-face (F2F) sessions detailed below, the NPQSL programme follows a blended learning format. This consists of workplace learning and practice activities, peer and facilitated learning, reading, structured reflection, online learning and a 360 diagnostic assessment

Resources: Online Resources, 360 Diagnostic Survey, Coaching

Location: Kaizen School, Elkington Road, Plaistow, E13 8LH

Assessment: School Based Project

Cost* £1,310 – UCL IOE delivery/£1,010 – Regional cluster delivery

*Discounts on offer. See website for further details

Apply: Online application at

Cluster: Choose ‘East London Partnership’ for cluster choice.


21st November 2018 – Succeeding a Senior Leadership

16th January 2019 – Leading Learning and Teaching

6th March 2019 – Leading with Impact

1st May 2019 – Leading Effective Partnerships

12th June 2019 – Leading Strategically

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