Terms of Reference

1. Vision

The purpose of the “Gants Hill Partnership Teaching Alliance” is that, working in mutual partnership the member schools will raise their standards of learning, pupil achievement and teaching and enhance the quality of their leadership and management.

The “Gants Hill Partnership” will exist to strategically contribute to the process of school improvement for its member schools, working in an open and fair manner as a Professional Learning Community.

It will review our collective school data and the impacts on teaching and learning of our chosen strategies, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of how we manage the process of change. We will offer challenge and commentary on our practices and offer mutual support in order to further raise standards. The process of negotiating future support will be based on identified needs.

2. Outcomes

a) We will plan collaboratively to meet agreed needs

b) We will raise standards in all member institutions in learning/pupil achievement, the quality of teaching and the quality of leadership

c) We will provide access to professional development for all members of staff, and at all stages of their careers

d) We will improve our knowledge of relevant aspects of pedagogy

e) We will lead proactively and facilitate decisions in response to self-identified and external change

f) We will provide timely responses to external initiatives and published research, as support and challenge

g) We will sustain links with a relevant HEI institutions for further support

h) We will improve aspects of transition to achieve continuous learning experiences for our pupils

3. Responsibilities and accountability

a)     All information gathered will be shared within this Teaching Alliance. This will remain confidential within this Community.  The Community   reserves the right to control all information sharing with third parties and will exercise discretion in this matter.

b)     Reports on Teaching School impacts, funding and expenditure will be returned annually to the DfE.

4. Action Plan

Key Teaching Alliance leaders will create a new Action Plan each year in response to local needs, current levels of activity and national pressures as defined by the DfE’s key indicators of success, local and national priorities. The plan will have clear outcomes and success criteria. A review of the plan will be published at the beginning of each school year. Success and impacts are fed back to the DfE in the annual return statements.

5. The Consultation Forum

a) The Forum meets once each half term to meet with schools who wish to be involved in support and professional development

b) The aims of the meeting are to share news of existing networks, CPD and research, with the view of inviting schools to take part, and to listen to these schools’ new needs and to propose new means of support, in response

c) It is recommended that either the school’s Head Teacher of CPD co-ordinator attend this meeting, however anyone is welcome

6. Partners

The Alliance has a thriving professional relationship with many local and national organisations, including schools, universities and other professional bodies.

Schools: in the 2017/2018 year the Alliance supported a total of 34 schools across London and the East of England.

Professional partnerships: we have close links with the Redbridge Education Partnership (REP), University of East London (UEL), the UCL Institute of Education (IOE), the Teaching School Council (TSC), and other Teaching School Alliances across North East London.


1. DfE funds

An annual fund is provided to the Alliance from the DfE to support activity. This grant is stable for each year, additional expenditure beyond the grant total is funded by income generated through charged support, CPD and focus grants received. Gearies Primary school, as the lead Teaching School, is accountable to the DfE for the use of the grant, with reference to the published terms and conditions.

2. Fees

There are no fees for membership of the Teaching Alliance. Any school is welcome to take part in our activity and to seek support.

School-to-school support

1. Brokerage

Bob Drew (NLE) acts as the initial broker for school-to-school support and the deployment of SLEs. Availability of Alliance colleagues is ultimately granted by the Head Teacher of their host school.

2. Charging guide

Day rate charge guide for school staff involved in school-to-school support:

Teacher – £200

SLE – £300

Senior leader – £500

Head Teacher – £800