About us

The Gants Hill Partnership Teaching Alliance (GHPTA), based at Gearies Primary in Ilford, aims to support the process of school improvement in local primary schools through a wide variety of CPD opportunities and research-based projects.

Key personnel include Bob Drew (strategic lead for the Teaching School), Seet Ying Fan (Teaching School Manager) and Stella Kalaidzi (Teaching School Administrator).


The purpose of the GHPTA is that, working in mutual partnership, the member schools will raise their standards of learning, pupil achievement and enhance the quality of their leadership and management.

The GHPTA will exist to strategically contribute to the process of school improvement for its member schools, working in an open and fair manner as a professional learning community.

It will review our collective school data and the impacts on teaching and learning of our chosen strategies, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of how we manage the process of change.  We will offer challenge and commentary on our practices and offer mutual support in order to further raise standards.  The process of negotiating future support will be based on identified needs.

Making an impact

Raising attainment

Since the partnership was formed, participation in the Gants Hill Alliance has had a positive impact on the attainment of the Alliance’s core schools.  Over the last three years, attainment at EYFS, KS1 and KS2 has progressed much faster than both the Redbridge and national average. acquisto levitra in italia

CPD that makes a difference

Exit questionnaires were completed by delegates following the Alliance’s CPD programmes.  97% of delegates felt that their network/programme had developed their ability to think and read critically; 97% that the network/programme was organised in a way that helped them learn; and everyone agreed that the network/programme provided guidance on how to become a competent professional.

Career progression

Programme delegates have been very successful in developing their careers – 30% of participants on the Reciprocal Reading programme have since been promoted, while an amazing 60% of those on the Widening Leadership Programme have achieved promotion.  In course evaluations, every single delegate agreed that their programme had developed their abilities and skills for the next step in their career. gå till den här webbplatsen